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“Handcrafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients”

Welcome to Two Fat Men Ice Cream Company

Welcome to Two Fat Men Ice Cream Company

You scream – I scream – we all scream for ice cream. Two Fat Men Ice Cream Company is an artisan ice cream company located in Lebanon, TN. We came about by wanting to make good ole homemade ice cream that takes us back to our childhood. To accomplish this, owner Ed Riley, enrolled in an 8 day course at Penn State’s Ice Cream College, a program that dates back to 1892. We are the smallest licensed creamery in the state of Tennessee.

All of our ice cream is made from all natural ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, eggs and extracts and Wilson county strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. We get our milk and cream from the Middle Tennessee State University dairy department and our eggs are from local farms. We make our own mix in a 30 gallon pasteurizer.

Our flavors are endless. Loaded Banana Pudding with White Chocolate and Black Walnuts, Salty Pecan, Sassy Lassie, Peachy Peach and Strawberry Cheesecake are some of our most popular.

We offer more than just scoops of ice cream, we offer banana splits, ice cream cookie sandwiches and Mississippi Mud Slide just to name a few.

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